Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The trip members

En liten oppsummering om hvem vi er, og hvilken oppgave vi er tildelt på turen.

A short summary of who we are, and which position we are assigned on the expedition.

Marek: The Interpreter and Diplomat
Marek is from Poland and familiar with Slavic Languages. He's also practiced a bit of Russian over the past few weeks. That seems to be the right qualification for the position as a diplomat and interpreter.
The Oxford Dictionary defines this term as followed: "Interpreters convert spoken statements from one language to another in various settings. Interpreting involves listening to." Marek likes to talk, we all know that, and he will be fine with talking, but listening will be the hard part for him.

Stian: The Tour Chef
Stian speaks fluent Norwegian with a characteristic Bergen accent and he is doing OK with English. Stian can also listen to excellent spoken Russian, but he would not understand a word said. It's a pity, the position as an interpreter is already taken. The conclusion is to give Stian the second most important task on our trip: Taking care for Food. Being in charge of food includes preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. We would also appreciate little snacks on the go. Cold drinks and refreshments once in a while would add convenience to our trip. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Coffee. We don't think we can do a 3 week trip without Coffee.

Joachim: The Treasurer / The Banker
Switzerland is known to be the world's bank. Joe is a reliable and responsible guy. That's the perfect combination to be the man in charge for all money matters. Joe needs to cooperate with Marek. Bribe money is an issue on the trip and we don't want Marek to use too much of our money to ease his task negotiating with police, border-control and other friendly helpers.

Daniel: The Motivator
He studied all about Botany, knows Latin- Terms for all the vegetables in your kitchen and everything which grows in your garden. You might say that his knowledge would not be very helpful on the trip. We agree. But you should consider that Daniel is a completely motivated and healthy guy, always in a good mood and never loses faith. Daniel will be in charge to motivate all other tour members, helping them to be in good spirits.

Eirik: Information Technology
Eirik is a professional graphics designer and experienced with programming computers. We provided him with power for his Laptop from the car's battery. His task is to keep the website up-to-date and take care of all Multimedia matters. Keeping all our pictures safe and sorted is quite a task. Eirik will also provide live GPS positions on our website – a comfort for our mums and dads at home.

Arve: The Doctor
Arve studied Biotechnology. He is good friends with bacteria, infections, worms and half-life-period. That all sounds a bit foreign to us, but it could be a great helper in time of need. Arve has work experience as a Bar- Manager. We heard rumours that Vodka can be used for disinfections purposes. We trust in Arve to handle this matter in a professional way.

Peter: The Navigator
He was the first one to buy a map of Central Asia. Already in the months before the trip he was familiar with all the Stan-Countries. Right from the beginning he said that Kazakhstan might not be part of the European Union... And Peter knows all four cardinal points by heart and can name them even in reverse order. We hope he will guide us safely through all of these 16 countries. Topical point: By the way, some of these countries are known for dismounting road signs and selling them for the raw material price.

Thomas: The Driver
All important tasks are already assigned. So Thomas can do what he thinks he is good at - driving cars. After 6 months living in the UK he is quite used to drive Right Hand Cars. We have to add on that he has recently been to a 4 hour "Speed Choice Course" in Bristol. A training which you have to attend after being caught speeding.

Det er synd denne karen ikke kunne bli med oss. Mange bjørner og andre pelskledde dyr venter på oss i Kasakhstan!
It's a pity this one couldn't join us. Plenty of bears and other furry animals awaits us in Kazakhstan!


wolf said...

hi Daniel,
all the best for the journey!
Pls check salvia varieties along the trip.
Wolfgang Brigid

Anonymous said...

svært få som hadde skrevet noen comments her da...

Anonymous said...

er fortsatt utrolig skuffa siden jeg ikke står på liten på trip mebers..
derfor håper jeg dere blit spist av bjørn alle sammen, som straff siden jeg ikke fikk være med!!!

Anonymous said...

Hei alle sammen !!

Jeg tror virkelig at Daniel G skal vaere "usefull" for hele gjengen.........eller..................kanskje ikke..... men i vaert fall skal han ikke skjedde seg i bilen med alle di traer langs veien !!

God tur !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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